Prison escape management is an prison escape management solution to control, manage and automate 16 rooms at the same time. Using a clever input/output system, unlocks complete control over video, sound, lights, DMX compatible devices, doors, windows and many more objects. The control over those objects is dynamically related to the actions (or inactions) of the players inside of the room and is fully automated. This means that there are absolutely no human interactions required, leaving your staff to pursue commercial activities elsewhere. Through the use of the advanced EscapePods, SmokePods, QuestionPods and KeypadPods you can dynamically customize any prison escape experience to perfectly suit your needs and your player desires.

All in all, is a smart and easily understandable prison escape management solution developed under strict design guidelines by major entertainment manufacturer LaserMaxx Lasergames. Contact us for more details and to order your system today.

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